Louise Peterhoff | In english
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Actress and dancer Louise studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and at the Theatre Academy in Stockholm. She has been working at the Royal Ballet and then as a dancer and stageactor in various ensembles in Europe, including the multi-artistic Needcompany in Brussels and Troubleyn in Antwerp and on tours internationally. She has been acting both in english and french. Back in Sweden, she has since 2010 mainly worked at the Stockholm City Theatre.

On stage we have seen her in lead roles in plays such as The Umbrellas in Cherbourg, Harold Pinter’s Betrayal and August Strindbergs A Dreamplay.

During the 2010s, her participation in television and films increased with roles in tv series such as Real Humans and the films Call Girl and Gentlemen.2015, she starred in SVT’s political thriller Blue eyes and we could also see her in the third season of The Bridge.

As a singer Louise has released albums together with the bands Drivan and The Ideal Husband.



An enemy of the people by Henrik Ibsen, dir: Alexander Mørk-Eidem
Stockholm City Theater, 2015

3.31.93 by Lars Norén ,dir: Sofia Jupither
Stockholm City Theater, 2013

Betrayal by Harold Pinter , dir: Alexander Mørk-Eidem
Stockholm City Theater, 2013

The Umbrellas in Cherbourg by Jacques Demy and Michel Legrand, Dir: Alexander Mørk-Eidem
Stockholm City Theater, 2011

A Dreamsplay by August Strindberg, dir: Pontus Stenshäll
Moment:theater, 2010

Isabella´s Room by Jan Lauwers, dir: Jan Lauwers
Need company,world tour, 2004-2007



The Bridge III

Dir: Henrik Georgsson, Rumle Hammerich ,Filmlance/SVT, 2015/2016

Ladies who lunch 

Dir: Anna Lo Westlin, After Hours, 2016

Blue Eyes
Dir: Henrik Georgsson, Fredrik Edfeldt, Emiliano Goessens, Strix/SVT, 2014/2015

Dir: Lovisa Sirén, Cargo Collective, 2014

Dir: Mikael Marcimain ,SVT/B-Reel, 2014

A living soul (short)
Dir: Henry Moore Selder, B-Reel, 2013

Real Humans
Dir: Harald Hamrell, SVT, 2013

Dir: Mikael Marcimain, Garagefilm, 2012

Anno 1790
Dir: Levan Akin,SVT, 2011